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 Wild Pacific

Supporting Fisherman, Feeding our Community

Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis started Wild Pacific because he wanted to connect his community in Oregon with the incredible salmon and seafood that he grew up with in Alaska. What started out as a few pounds became several boxes and Wild Pacific was born. Laughton grew up in Southeast Alaska where his family has been involved in the commercial fishing industry since the 1980's. Many of the friends he made as a deckhand  are now running boats of their own, fishing for salmon in the pristine waters of the Alaskan Pacific. This next gen are keeping the dream alive.

Davis throws fish.PNG

Wild Pacific sources its fish directly from the boat, which shortens the supply chain, and puts dollars in the pockets of fisherman. Where they belong. It is our goal to connect our community directly to their food system. The abundance of the Pacific Ocean is unparalleled. Our salmon, halibut, crab, and shrimp are the best in the world. The great problem of our modern food system, is that we often have no idea where our seafood comes from. By the time it reaches your grocery store, it has changed hands half a dozen times. Wild Pacific's offerings are 100% traceable.

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