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Our Commitment

We aim to support fisherman and sustainable fisheries, invest in the longevity of the Pacific, and provide the very best product.

Wild Pacific commits to continue evolving as a company to ensure that we are doing all we can to preserve and protect our precious Pacific Ocean. Here are a few of the ways that we are try to do Good and Get Better:


We source all of our fish from100% Wild, line-caught, small boat fisheries.


We distribute all of our fish through a regional model to prevent waste caused by the mail-order seafood industry.  


We partner with local farms and food producers to help our community access the highest quality ingredients that they can find as close to home as possible.


We are working to become the first ever plastic-free direct-to-consumer seafood company by replacing the need for vacuum packing with salt water glaze technology by 2023. 


We are committed to replacing all of our fleet vehicles with electric by 2025 and working to recapture our total carbon footprint since our founding by 2030 through kelp-based carbon sequestration.

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