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Fishing Partners

We honor fishers everywhere for their dedication, ingenuity, and grit.

Most of the fishers that we source from are based out of Southeast Alaska. These hard working individuals run power-trolling vessels which means that all of their salmon are line-caught, sustainably harvested, and of the highest grade. Each boat is different, but all of them are run by fisherman who are devoted to their craft, and who take great risks to bring the incredible resource of salmon to our kitchen tables. We thank them!


The waters of Alaska are incredibly cold and prone to storms which make the long, grinding days of fishing quite difficult. Nonetheless, these men and women are no glum lot. Even in the most dire of times, fisherman can be found cracking jokes over the radio, writing shorts stories via group text, and indulging in their favorite sitcoms. One thing is certain, this work isn't for everyone which is why we couldn't possibly serve our community without them.

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